Investigation services prices

Material or image damage has much higher costs if you do not act early

These exceptional and professional services are offered anywhere, at any time, by observing the legal provisions, human rights and freedoms, their dignity and the right to privacy, by our specialists with extensive experience in financial and fiscal fraud and beyond.

The costs incurred by a company or an individual to provide our services are small compared to the material or image damages that you may suffer from lack of information or knowledge! Contact us today.

The prices we charge vary depending on several factors


Each case is unique and has a different degree of complexity with varying prices

Service type

The required services can be of different types, for legal entities or individuals

Detective numbers

A complex case requires a larger number of private detectives to solve it

Additional costs

Additional costs due to transportation, accommodation or external locations may arise

We provide consultancy

Steps of the customer information process


The collaboration is performed on the basis of a service contract concluded between the beneficiary and the provider according to the price offer accepted by both parties.


During the specific investigation activities, the client will be informed in real time.


70% of the negotiated price is paid upon signing the contract, the difference to be paid at the end of the case.


At the end of the contract, a complete investigation report will be presented, which will be delivered to the client including photo and video evidence.


We ensure maximum confidentiality of the information obtained during the investigation and the seriousness of the commitments made.

For more details on the offer of investigations provided to individuals and legal entities contact us at phone 0726907497 or write to us at .

Why colaborate with
Victoria Veritas Investigation Services


We respect the law and apply the professional ethical principles


We ensure the data and obtained information confidentiality


We start the investigation after the approved consultative meeting


We cooperate with the client and constantly report the evolution of the situation

The cases solved brought us the confidence of the clients

Our mission is to be your discreet and reliable ally. That's why we bring competitive solutions and services to the market with a high level of efficacity and efficiency that guarantee the solution of your problems and the fulfillment of the missions.