Services for companies

Private companies, lawyers, banks, insurance companies

  • Services offered to legal entities for verifying, establishing the creditworthiness and solvency of a potential legal partner in a business; credits and solvency to a potential legal entity partner in a business;
  • tracking of filers and ghost companies ;
  • ensuring protection against information leakage, secret service from the economic sphere;
  • collecting evidence of economic fraud or leakage
  • ensuring protection against leakage of information, service secret from the economic sphere;
  • investigations under cover by the infiltration of detectives in companies or shops, to identify corrupt or unfair personnel;
  • search for goods which are the subject of civil or criminal litigation, alienated for the purpose of prejudicing the interests of a party to the proceedings;
  • obtaining information about the compatibility of a natural person with the requirements imposed by the job description, loyalty, honesty, fairness, etc;
  • employee behavior likely to affect the public image or other data and information pertaining to his conduct;
  • how the employee fulfills his obligations assumed towards the employer through the individual employment contract;
  • verifying the accuracy of data from curriculum vitae of future employees;
  • their departure from competing companies and using the client portfolio from the old company;
  • business intelligence solutions for technical and non-technical users of databases within companies;
  • management of user access and identity to multiple applications, to various devices used by them;
  • security of the IT users workspace;
  • detecting and removing illegal interception techniques such as hidden microphones , camcorders, and other devices;
  • monitoring the performance of used applications and databases ;
  • protective measures against economic and electronic espionage ;
  • for lawyers, notaries, banks, insurance and reinsurance agencies, companies specialized in personnel recruitment, leasing companies and sales of goods in installments, foreign investors:
  • operational advice and assistance for identifying bad guys, in order to recover by legal means debts, assets ;
  • investigating mortgages, cadastral documents, wills , etc;
  • polygraph test by a certified and qualified professional to verify the honesty of a person's response;
  • profiling; consulting
  • fake detection , counterfeit products, piracy and unfair competition;
  • Other companies investigation services at the request of the client, performed according to Law no. 329/2003 regarding the exercise of the private detective profession

Investigation services

for individuals

Do you have a problem with your partner, child or people you work with?

Why collaborate for companies investigation services


We respect the law and apply the professional ethical principles


We ensure the data and obtained information confidentiality


We start the investigation after the approved consultative meeting


We cooperate with the client and constantly report the evolution of the situation

The cases solved brought us the confidence of the clients

Our mission is to be your discreet and reliable ally. That's why we bring competitive solutions and services to the market with a high level of efficacity and efficiency that guarantee the solution of your problems and the fulfillment of the missions.