Investigation Agency


 We specialize in identifying financial engineering, corporate investigations, risk management and anti-fraud investigations. 


Victoria Veritas Investigation Agency offers professional investigation services, according to romanian Law no.329 / 2003 on the exercise of the profession of private detective.

Our company has an operating license issued by M.A.I.-I.G.P.R.

We are specialized in identifying the financial engineering used by various companies, of the tax frauds, in identifying the thefts by the employees with the help of financial - accounting documents, in the economic and financial analysis of a company future business partner.

Victoria Veritas has a wealth of experience in investigating suspected fraud implicit in establishing prevention mechanisms within your company, in identifying financial irregularities offering solutions to avoid them in the future.

How can a professional private detective help you?

Detectivi particulari

Specialized consultancy for investigations and surveillance.

Evidence, samples, photos, video with professional equipment. 

Our specialists prepare reports at the request of the client.

It uses information from various sources that can be accessed.

Detective services provided by us, are heterogeneous and designed according to the highest international standards. 
They differentiate Victoria Veritas investigative agency from the competition and provide an advantage to our clients.
We collaborate with several private investigation companies from all over the country, and through the services and methods offered by us, we solve quickly and at affordable rates specific cases of our activity.

Investigation services

for companies

Are you facing frauds, thefts or suspicions about the smooth running of the business?

for individuals

Do you have a problem with your partner, child or people you work with?

Why colaborate with
Victoria Veritas Investigation Agency


We respect the law and apply the professional ethical principles


We ensure the data and obtained information confidentiality


We start the investigation after the approved consultative meeting


We cooperate with the client and constantly report the evolution of the situation

The cases solved brought us the confidence of the clients

Our mission is to be your discreet and reliable ally. That's why we bring competitive solutions and services to the market with a high level of efficacity and efficiency that guarantee the solution of your problems and the fulfillment of the missions.