Services for individuals

Our agency helps you with investigations of conduct and morality, conjugal, family.

  • We offer services to individuals investigation into the solvency or seriousness of a potential natural person as a business or marriage partner;
  • We can provide information on the compatibility of the investigated subject regarding certain requirements imposed by the family environment in which they are to adhere, hidden behavior or vices acquired by it, the public image of the family from which it comes.
  • Personnel supervision and follow-up; spying and checking
  • Investigations regarding the fidelity of the life partner in case of divorce or separation;
  • A person's suspicions regarding the fidelity of the life partner often have real support. From the investigative experience on the beach of the conjugal services, very few times there have been requests determined by feelings of jealousy;
  • Photo-video evidences - ADULTER ;
  • Personnel supervision and follow-up; spying and checking
  • Checking, supervising the children and of the people around them for their lifestyle, checking their expenses;
  • Verifying, monitoring child vouchers and their behavior towards children;
  • Deficiencies in the educational system, which allow the emergence and development of dangerous phenomena affecting children and young people in urban and rural areas ( consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages , physical, mental and sexual aggression , hooliganism, blackmail and theft of goods, etc.).
  • Comprehensive checks on children to be fostered and their families;
  • Investigations in cases of child custody ;
  • Investigating and obtaining data on the family tree ;
  • Investigations regarding missing persons from home (residence, university campuses, school camps, boarding schools, etc.) other than those of police competence;
  • Searching for missing material assets , obtaining evidence that can be used in court.


  • Investigations and the supervision of assets that are the subject of civil or criminal litigation, alienated in order to harm the interests of a party in the process;
  • Investigations regarding the identification of targeted addresses or of persons with whom the subject comes into contact;
  • Detection and removal of illegal means of interception techniques such as hidden microphones , video cameras and other devices;
  • Investigations regarding the documents mortgages, cadastral documents, wills , etc;
  • Consultations on detective issues;
  • Other individual investigation services at the request of the client, performed according to Law no. 329/2003 regarding the exercise of the private detective profession

Investigation services

for companies

Are you facing frauds, thefts or suspicions about the smooth running of the business?

Why collaborate for private investigation services


We respect the law and apply the professional ethical principles


We ensure the data and obtained information confidentiality


We start the investigation after the approved consultative meeting


We cooperate with the client and constantly report the evolution of the situation

The cases solved brought us the confidence of the clients

Our mission is to be your discreet and reliable ally. That's why we bring competitive solutions and services to the market with a high level of efficacity and efficiency that guarantee the solution of your problems and the fulfillment of the missions.