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Operational surveillance is a special detective measure for the elucidation of a case, which consists in obtaining information through confidential technical / operative procedures / secrets of tracking an objective or place containing information, accessible only by qualified means.

Physical supervision of persons and activities carried out by them, at a given time, in a particular place or circumstance, with the naked eye or with helpful means.

Surveillance of buildings, areas or places in order to study the activity that takes place there.

Tracking people who visit various real estate and are suspicious that they are involved in illegal activities or other activities that cause harm to the client.

Establishing the itinerary used from home to work, means of transport, frequented places , people with whom the subject is related

Undercover physical surveillance when the employer (legal entity) has suspicions that one or more employees are stealing goods from the workplace for the purpose of acquiring or alienating them and that by their actions they harm the interests of the company.

Counter surveillance - discovering any followers interested in the client's activity

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